Boosting Loyalty in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord – Practical Tips for Enhanced Fiefdom Allegiance

How to Increase Loyalty in Bannerlord: Strategies for Success


Hello,! In this article, we will explore effective strategies to increase loyalty in Bannerlord. Loyalty is a crucial aspect of the game that determines the commitment and support of your vassals and followers. By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches, you can enhance your leadership skills and build a strong, loyal army. Let’s dive into the world of Bannerlord and uncover the secrets of loyalty!

Understanding the Importance of Loyalty

Loyalty is the foundation of a successful campaign in Bannerlord. It ensures the allegiance of your followers, keeps your kingdom stable, and enables you to pursue ambitious goals. A loyal army will fight harder, withstand challenges, and stay committed to your cause. However, maintaining loyalty is not an easy task, as various factors can influence the loyalty of your vassals and troops.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Loyalty Factors

1. Leadership and Charisma

👑 Building strong leadership and charisma skills can significantly impact loyalty. Your ability to inspire and motivate your troops will boost their loyalty. Train your leadership skills by leading battles and completing quests that demonstrate your competence. Charismatic speeches, fair rulings, and diplomatic negotiations can also enhance loyalty.

2. Reputation and Honor

🏆 Maintaining a positive reputation and honorable conduct is vital for loyalty. Uphold your promises, treat your vassals fairly, and avoid dishonorable actions. Your reputation will precede you, and a good name will attract loyal followers.

3. Rewards and Incentives

💰 Providing rewards and incentives to your vassals and troops can foster loyalty. Generously distribute spoils of war, grant fiefs, and offer promotions to deserving individuals. Recognize and appreciate their efforts, and they will remain devoted to your cause.

4. Relations and Personal Connections

🤝 Building strong personal connections with your vassals and troops can increase loyalty. Interact with them regularly, engage in conversations, and participate in their activities. Attend feasts, celebrate victories together, and form lasting bonds.

5. Protecting and Supporting Vassals

🛡️ Defending your vassals against external threats and supporting them in their endeavors is crucial for loyalty. Assist them in battles, offer advice, and ensure their prosperity. Your vassals will appreciate your protection and remain loyal in return.

6. Addressing Grievances

⚖️ Promptly addressing grievances and disputes within your kingdom is essential for maintaining loyalty. Fairly resolve conflicts, listen to concerns, and take appropriate actions. Ignoring issues can lead to dissatisfaction and disloyalty.

7. Diplomacy and Alliances

🤝 Forming alliances and engaging in diplomatic relations can boost loyalty. Seek strategic partnerships, support your allies in battles, and mediate conflicts. Strong alliances will provide stability and reinforce loyalty among your followers.

Table: Strategies to Increase Loyalty in Bannerlord

Leadership and Charisma✅ Inspires loyalty, motivates troops❌ Requires skill development
Reputation and Honor✅ Attracts loyal followers❌ Vulnerable to reputation damage
Rewards and Incentives✅ Fosters loyalty and dedication❌ Can strain resources
Relations and Personal Connections✅ Builds strong bonds and loyalty❌ Requires time and effort
Protecting and Supporting Vassals✅ Ensures gratitude and loyalty❌ Demands resources and attention
Addressing Grievances✅ Maintains harmony and loyalty❌ Requires conflict resolution skills
Diplomacy and Alliances✅ Strengthens loyalty and stability❌ Requires strategic negotiation

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How can I improve my leadership skills?

🔍 Enhance your leadership skills by leading battles, completing quests, and engaging in diplomatic negotiations. Practice decision-making and inspire your troops through charismatic speeches.

2. Does reputation affect loyalty?

🔍 Yes, maintaining a positive reputation is crucial for loyalty. Uphold your promises, treat your vassals fairly, and avoid dishonorable actions.

3. What rewards can I provide to increase loyalty?

🔍 Generously distribute spoils of war, grant fiefs, offer promotions, and recognize the efforts of your vassals and troops. Show appreciation for their dedication.

4. How can personal connections impact loyalty?

🔍 Building strong personal connections through regular interactions, attending feasts, and celebrating victories together can increase loyalty among your followers.

5. How should I address grievances within my kingdom?

🔍 Promptly resolve conflicts and disputes, listen to concerns, and take fair actions. Ignoring grievances can lead to disloyalty and instability.

6. Is diplomacy important for loyalty?

🔍 Engaging in diplomacy, forming alliances, and supporting your allies can strengthen loyalty and provide stability to your kingdom.

7. Can loyalty be regained after it is lost?

🔍 Yes, loyalty can be regained through consistent efforts in rebuilding trust, addressing grievances, and proving your commitment to your vassals and troops.


Increasing loyalty in Bannerlord is a multifaceted task that requires effective leadership, strategic decision-making, and genuine care for your followers. By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of different loyalty factors, you can create a solid foundation of allegiance and commitment. Remember to prioritize leadership skills, maintain a positive reputation, provide rewards and incentives, build personal connections, protect and support your vassals, address grievances, and engage in diplomacy. Take action now, and forge an unbreakable bond with your army in the realm of Bannerlord!

Closing Words

Thank you for joining us in this exploration of loyalty in Bannerlord. It is important to note that while these strategies can significantly impact loyalty, individual outcomes may vary. Experiment, adapt, and find the approach that works best for your unique situation. Embrace the challenges and triumphs that come with leadership, and may your journey in Bannerlord be filled with loyalty and success.

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