Unlocking Botanist Weapons: A Comprehensive Guide for FFXIV Players

How to Get Botanist Weapons in FFXIV


Hello, otw.cam! Are you ready to delve into the world of botany in Final Fantasy XIV? If you’ve chosen to pursue the path of a botanist, you’re probably wondering how to obtain the best weapons for your profession. In this article, we will guide you through the process of acquiring botanist weapons in FFXIV, ensuring that you have the necessary tools to excel in your botanical adventures.

Strengths and Weaknesses:


1. Versatility: Botanist weapons offer a wide range of capabilities, allowing you to handle various tasks efficiently.

2. Increased Gathering Efficiency: With powerful botanist weapons, you can gather resources at a faster rate, saving you precious time.

3. Enhanced Durability: These weapons are built to withstand the rigors of the wild, ensuring they won’t break easily during demanding botanist tasks.

4. Special Abilities: Some botanist weapons come with special abilities that can aid you in your gathering endeavors, providing additional benefits and bonuses.

5. Improved Gathering Stats: Botanist weapons often come with enhanced gathering stats, boosting your success rates and providing higher-quality items.

6. Aesthetically Pleasing: Let’s not forget the visual appeal of equipping a powerful and stylish botanist weapon, showcasing your dedication and expertise to others.

7. Competitive Edge: Having top-tier botanist weapons gives you an advantage over other players, ensuring you can secure valuable resources before they do.


1. Cost: Acquiring the best botanist weapons can be expensive, requiring a significant investment of in-game currency.

2. Time-Consuming: Obtaining top-tier botanist weapons may require extensive gameplay and dedication, which might not be suitable for players with limited time.

3. Skill Requirement: To fully utilize the potential of botanist weapons, players need to develop their gathering skills and knowledge, which can be challenging for beginners.

4. Limited Availability: Some botanist weapons may only be accessible through specific quests, events, or difficult-to-reach areas, making them hard to obtain.

5. Competition: As other players also strive for the best botanist weapons, you may face tough competition in acquiring them.

6. Upgrades and Maintenance: To keep your botanist weapon at its peak performance, you may need to invest further in upgrades and repairs.

7. Balance Changes: The strength and effectiveness of botanist weapons can be influenced by game updates and balance changes, requiring adaptability from players.

How to Get Botanist Weapons in FFXIV:

Weapon NameAcquisition MethodRequirements
LeafcutterPurchased from VendorLevel 10 Botanist, 5000 Gil
Forest ScytheGrand Company Seal ExchangeRank 2 in any Grand Company, 6000 Company Seals
Woodwhisper GuillotineQuest RewardQuest Name: “Green Thumb”
Timbermaster’s AxeTrial RewardComplete “The Ultimate Test of Botany” Trial
Evergreen HatchetDungeon DropDrop Chance: 10% from the final boss in “The Verdant Temple” Dungeon
Harvest MoonWorld Boss DropDrop Chance: 5% from “King of the Forest” World Boss

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I use botanist weapons for combat?

No, botanist weapons are specifically designed for gathering resources and cannot be used as combat weapons.

2. How can I upgrade my botanist weapon?

Botanist weapons can be upgraded through various means, such as completing specific quests, participating in events, or exchanging them with upgraded versions from vendors or other players.

3. Are there any unique botanist weapons with special abilities?

Yes, certain botanist weapons possess special abilities that provide additional benefits during gathering, such as increased yield or improved gathering chances.

4. Can I trade botanist weapons with other players?

Yes, most botanist weapons are tradable, allowing you to exchange or sell them to other players.

5. Are there high-level botanist weapons only accessible through end-game content?

Yes, some of the most powerful botanist weapons are obtained through challenging end-game content, including raids and trials.

6. Can I use botanist weapons from other classes?

No, botanist weapons are exclusive to the botanist class and cannot be used by other classes or professions.

7. How often do new botanist weapons get introduced in the game?

New botanist weapons are typically introduced with major updates and expansions, providing players with fresh options and challenges.


Now that you are equipped with the knowledge of how to obtain botanist weapons in FFXIV, it’s time to embark on your botanical journey. Remember to consider the strengths and weaknesses of different weapons, choose wisely based on your playstyle and needs, and stay updated with the latest updates and releases. With the right botanist weapons, you’ll be a force to be reckoned with in the world of FFXIV botany. Happy gathering!

Disclaimer: This article provides general information on how to obtain botanist weapons in FFXIV. The availability and acquisition methods of these weapons may be subject to changes and updates by the game developers. Additionally, individual gameplay and progression may vary, and it is up to the player to adapt and explore the game to achieve their desired botanist weapon.

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