Mastering Greater Rifts: Unlocking the Secrets to Obtaining Greater Rift Keystones

How to Get Greater Rift Keystones: A Comprehensive Guide


Hello! Welcome to our guide on how to acquire greater rift keystones in Diablo III. Greater rift keystones are essential for accessing the challenging and rewarding greater rifts, where players can test their skills and earn valuable rewards. In this article, we will explore the various methods and strategies to obtain these keystones, providing you with the knowledge to enhance your gameplay and progress in the game. Let’s delve into the world of greater rifts!

The Strengths of Obtaining Greater Rift Keystones

1️⃣ Easy Accessibility: Obtaining greater rift keystones is relatively straightforward, ensuring that players can partake in the exciting greater rift content without excessive effort.

2️⃣ Challenging Gameplay: Greater rifts present a tougher and more thrilling gameplay experience, pushing players to their limits and enabling them to showcase their skills.

3️⃣ Valuable Rewards: Completing greater rifts grants players access to powerful loot and valuable legendary gems, enhancing their characters’ strength significantly.

4️⃣ Competitive Spirit: Greater rifts offer a competitive element, allowing players to compare their performance on leaderboards and strive for higher rankings.

5️⃣ Endless Replayability: As greater rifts scale in difficulty, they provide an endless source of challenge and entertainment, ensuring longevity in the game.

6️⃣ Cooperative Gameplay: Players can team up with friends or join public groups to tackle greater rifts together, fostering a sense of camaraderie and teamwork.

7️⃣ Progression in Paragon Levels: Completing greater rifts efficiently grants experience points, contributing to the accumulation of paragon levels, which further enhance a player’s power.

The Weaknesses of Obtaining Greater Rift Keystones

1️⃣ Limited Availability: Greater rift keystones have a finite availability, requiring players to actively acquire them through various means.

2️⃣ Time Investment: Obtaining greater rift keystones often demands a significant time investment, as players need to engage in specific activities or farm certain content.

3️⃣ Level of Difficulty: Higher-level greater rifts can prove extremely challenging, necessitating well-geared characters and considerable skill to tackle effectively.

4️⃣ Solo Limitations: While solo play is possible in greater rifts, certain builds may struggle to conquer higher-level rifts without the assistance of a group.

5️⃣ Leaderboard Pressure: The competitive aspect of greater rifts can put pressure on players to constantly improve their performance and strive for higher rankings.

6️⃣ RNG Dependency: The acquisition of greater rift keystones relies on random drops, which can sometimes result in frustratingly low drop rates.

7️⃣ Learning Curve: Successfully navigating greater rifts requires understanding and adapting to the unique mechanics and challenges presented by each rift level.

Methods to Obtain Greater Rift Keystones

1️⃣ Bounties: Completing Act-specific bounties in Adventure Mode has a chance to reward greater rift keystones as a bonus.

2️⃣ Rift Guardians: Defeating Rift Guardians in regular rifts has a chance to drop greater rift keystones.

3️⃣ Nephalem Rifts: Clearing Nephalem Rifts increases the likelihood of acquiring greater rift keystones upon defeating the Rift Guardian.

4️⃣ Keywardens: Slaying Keywardens in different Acts guarantees the drop of Infernal Machine plans, which can be used to access special bosses that drop greater rift keystones.

5️⃣ Season Journey: Completing specific objectives in the Season Journey can reward players with greater rift keystones.

6️⃣ Greater Rift Trials: Participating in Greater Rift Trials allows players to earn keystones based on their performance in these trial runs.

7️⃣ Kanai’s Cube: Extracting legendary powers from items using Kanai’s Cube can grant consumable items, such as Ramaladni’s Gift, which can be used to upgrade normal rift keystones into greater rift keystones.

BountiesCompleting Act-specific bounties in Adventure Mode
Rift GuardiansDefeating Rift Guardians in regular rifts
Nephalem RiftsClearing Nephalem Rifts
KeywardensSlaying Keywardens in different Acts
Season JourneyCompleting specific objectives in the Season Journey
Greater Rift TrialsParticipating in Greater Rift Trials
Kanai’s CubeExtracting legendary powers from items

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many greater rift keystones can I carry at once?

Players can carry up to a maximum of 100 greater rift keystones in their inventory.

2. Can greater rift keystones be traded or shared with other players?

No, greater rift keystones are bound to account and cannot be traded or shared between players.

3. Are there any specific level requirements to access greater rifts?

Yes, players need to reach level 70 and complete at least one regular rift before they can access greater rifts.

4. How do I upgrade my normal rift keystones into greater rift keystones?

Use Kanai’s Cube to convert normal rift keystones into greater rift keystones by using a consumable item called Ramaladni’s Gift.

5. Do greater rift keystones have a higher drop rate in higher difficulty levels?

Yes, playing on higher difficulty levels increases the chances of obtaining greater rift keystones.

6. Can I obtain greater rift keystones in hardcore mode?

Yes, the methods to obtain greater rift keystones apply to both softcore and hardcore modes.

7. Are greater rift keystones required for solo play or group play?

Greater rift keystones are required for both solo play and group play. However, in group play, only one keystone is consumed per rift run.


In conclusion, acquiring greater rift keystones is crucial for accessing the exciting and challenging greater rift content in Diablo III. With various methods available, players can actively engage in activities such as bounties, rifts, keywardens, and more to obtain these keystones. Although there are certain limitations and challenges associated with acquiring them, the rewards, competitive spirit, and cooperative gameplay offered by greater rifts make the effort worthwhile. So gear up, gather your friends, and embark on an adventure through the ever-changing greater rifts of Diablo III!

Closing Words

With this comprehensive guide, we hope you now have a clear understanding of how to obtain greater rift keystones in Diablo III. Remember to experiment with different strategies, gear up your character, and embrace the challenges that await you in the greater rifts. May your journey be filled with epic loot, thrilling battles, and endless excitement! Happy hunting, Nephalem!

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