Mastering the Art of Gathering Straw: A Comprehensive Guide for Medieval Dynasty Players

How to Get Straw in Medieval Dynasty


Hello! Welcome to our guide on how to obtain straw in the popular game, Medieval Dynasty. In this article, we will provide you with detailed explanations, tips, and strategies to help you acquire this essential resource for your village. Straw plays a crucial role in various activities such as animal husbandry, construction, and crafting. So, let’s dive in and discover the best ways to get straw in Medieval Dynasty!

1. Straw in Medieval Dynasty: An Overview

🌾 Straw is a vital material used for multiple purposes in Medieval Dynasty. It is primarily obtained by harvesting wheat crops or through trading with villagers and merchants. Additionally, you can also find straw in abandoned or destroyed buildings, making it a valuable resource for your village’s development.

2. Harvesting Wheat Crops

🌾 To get straw from wheat crops, you need to sow and cultivate your own wheat fields. Start by preparing the soil, planting the seeds, and ensuring proper irrigation. Once the wheat has fully grown, use a scythe to harvest the crops. This will yield both wheat grains and straw.

3. Trading with Villagers and Merchants

🏪 Another way to obtain straw is by trading with villagers and merchants. Visit nearby villages and interact with the villagers to unlock trading options. Look for NPCs who offer straw as part of their trade inventory. You can exchange other resources or crafted items to acquire the straw you need.

4. Exploring Abandoned Buildings

🏚️ Exploring abandoned or destroyed buildings in Medieval Dynasty can be a fruitful endeavor. These buildings often contain hidden treasures, including straw. Roam around the game world, especially near ruined structures, to find straw bundles that you can collect and utilize for various purposes.

5. Raising Livestock for Straw

🐄 Livestock farming can be an excellent source of straw in Medieval Dynasty. By keeping animals such as cows or sheep, you can collect straw as a byproduct of their manure. Build appropriate animal pens, feed them well, and regularly collect the manure to obtain a steady supply of straw for your village.

6. Crafting Straw from Wheat Grains

🛠️ In Medieval Dynasty, you have the option to craft straw from wheat grains using a crafting recipe. Access your crafting menu, select the required ingredients, and follow the recipe to transform your surplus wheat grains into valuable straw. This allows you to make the most of your resources and maintain a sufficient supply of straw.

7. Weaknesses and Strengths of Acquiring Straw


Abundant ResourceOnce you have established wheat fields or animal pens, you can generate a steady supply of straw.
Trade PotentialStraw can be traded with villagers and merchants, allowing you to acquire other resources or essential items.
Flexible UsageStraw is utilized in various activities, including animal husbandry, construction, and crafting.


Time-consumingHarvesting and processing straw requires time and effort, diverting your attention from other tasks.
AvailabilityStraw might not always be readily available, especially in the early stages of the game.
Dependence on SeasonsWheat crops can only be harvested during specific seasons, limiting the availability of straw.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I obtain straw without cultivating wheat?

While cultivating wheat is the most direct method, you can still acquire straw through trading, exploring buildings, and raising livestock.

2. How much straw do I need for construction?

The amount of straw required for construction varies depending on the size and complexity of the structure. Plan accordingly by estimating the necessary quantity.

3. Can I sell surplus straw for profit?

Absolutely! If you have an excess supply of straw, consider selling it to generate additional income and improve your village’s economy.

4. Are there any alternative resources to straw?

While straw is essential, you can use other materials like sticks or hay as substitutes in certain situations. However, straw remains the most versatile and widely used resource.

5. Can I automate the straw collection process?

Unfortunately, there is no automated method for collecting straw in Medieval Dynasty. You must manually harvest, trade, or raise animals to obtain the desired amount.

6. Can I store excess straw for future use?

Yes, you can store excess straw in appropriate storage facilities such as barns or warehouses. This ensures a ready supply for future needs and prevents wastage.

7. How often do abandoned buildings contain straw?

Abandoned buildings can occasionally contain straw, but it is not guaranteed. Explore various locations and keep an eye out for any valuable resources.


In conclusion, acquiring straw in Medieval Dynasty is crucial for the overall development and success of your village. Whether through harvesting wheat, trading, exploring, or raising livestock, there are multiple avenues to obtain this versatile resource. Remember to consider the strengths and weaknesses associated with each method, and plan your resource management accordingly. By following the strategies outlined in this guide, you can ensure a steady supply of straw and propel your village to prosperity in the medieval era. Best of luck, and enjoy your medieval adventures!

Closing Words

Thank you for reading our comprehensive guide on how to get straw in Medieval Dynasty. We hope you found the information useful and insightful. Remember, efficient resource management is key to success in the game, so make sure to implement the strategies outlined here. If you have any further questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to us. Happy gaming!

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