Temu App: Is This the Cheapest Shopping App?

In the world of online shopping, there is one thing most customers have in common: Everyone loves a deal. Amazon once utilized this formula (and some people argue that it still applies). But prices there were much lower a decade ago, and with the prices of everything from gas to groceries rising recently, people are still looking for ways to save money where they can.

Now, a new player has entered the world of online shopping: the ubiquitous Temu app, which was downloaded more than any other app on the market in 2023.

Of course, it’s clear that shopping on Temu is a cheap thrill, starting at home. fashion items at heavily discounted prices. But is Temu legal?

What is Temu?

The Genesis of Temu

Launched in September 2022 by the Chinese e-commerce giant PDD Holdings, Temu follows in the footsteps of successful platforms like Shein and Ali Express. This online marketplace connects Chinese vendors directly with consumers, cutting out middlemen and offering products at incredibly low prices.

Temu’s motto, “shop like a billionaire” underscores its commitment to providing affordable options across various product categories.

Product Range and Pricing

From household essentials priced under $5 to women’s fashion items starting at less than $10, Temu boasts a diverse product range. The platform’s aggressive pricing strategy includes free shipping on all orders and a generous 90-day return policy, making it an attractive option for bargain hunters.

Marketing Tactics

Temu employs a multi-faceted approach to attract customers, leveraging freebies, coupon codes, and extensive advertising on popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Additionally, the platform’s credit earning system, where customers can refer friends and family for free items, adds an extra layer of appeal.

Is Temu Legal?

Financial Success Amid Losses

Despite incurring substantial losses, estimated between $588 and $954 billion annually according to a report by China Merchants Securities, Temu has managed to outshine competitors.

Bloomberg reported that during the December 2023 holiday shopping season, Temu’s revenue surpassed that of its rival Shein, indicating its resilience in the market.

Consumer Concerns

With such remarkably low prices, skepticism arises about the legality and safety of Temu. Many customers wonder, “Is Temu safe?” or “Is Temu a scam?”

While most customers receive their orders promptly, there are reports of items never arriving. The Better Business Bureau’s average C grade for Temu, based on 1,347 reviews, highlights concerns about shipping times and product quality.

Safety Concerns and Controversies


Data Collection and Security

The safety of personal information becomes a significant point of contention when using shopping apps like Temu. Allegations have surfaced regarding potential data breaches and hacking incidents post-Temu usage.

A class action lawsuit filed in November 2023 claims that Temu goes beyond the necessary data collection for a shopping app and is allegedly “loaded with spyware”.

Credit Card Security

A critical aspect of Temu safety is the use of credit cards on the platform. While shopping apps typically collect basic information, some users claim hacking incidents after using Temu.

The lawsuit filed in 2023 raises questions about the extent of data collection and the security measures in place to protect sensitive information.

Labor Practices and Ethical Concerns

Child Labor Allegations

In June 2023, a BBC report highlighted concerns raised by US lawmakers about the potential use of forced labor in the production of Temu products. With nearly 600,000 packages shipped to the US daily, questions arise about how Temu and similar retailers can meet such high volumes.

The loophole in U.S. law, exempting packages valued at $800 or less from import duties, adds complexity to the situation.

Temu’s Response

Temu, like its counterpart Shein, vehemently denies allegations of exploiting labor, punishment, and child labor. However, they also assert that they are not responsible for third-party sellers using their platform.

The ambiguity surrounding the labor practices for each product sold on Temu raises concerns about ethical sourcing.


In the ever-evolving landscape of online shopping, Temu stands out as a disruptor with its aggressive pricing and expansive product range. However, the platform is not without controversy, facing legal and ethical questions about its safety, data practices, and labor sourcing.

As a consumer, navigating the world of Temu requires careful consideration of the potential risks and benefits. Before indulging in the tempting deals, shoppers must weigh the allure of affordability against the uncertainties that surround this emerging e-commerce giant.

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