6 New Apps You Can Download on Your Phone, Number 5 You Must Try!

Owning a smartphone today is like becoming one of the things that must be owned by everyone. Almost all existing activities such as work to the need for communication facilities rely heavily on smartphones as the main heart. There are tons of different Android apps that you can download and use on your smartphone.

All existing Android applications have different functions that can increase your productivity while working. And this time we will share the best applications that you can install on your Android phone for free, please read the application recommendations below.

Allstate Mobile

Most people would agree that Allstate Mobile is a top choice among car insurance apps. All conceivable actions are available to its users. You may do things like make a pay or request roadside assistance, file a claim via QuickFoto Claim, search for an agent, and more. Even a gas station finder and parking spot finder are available in many areas.

If you need to, you can also access your files and see them. They have just integrated their Drivewise technology into the official mobile app. By using Drivewise, safe drivers have a chance at reduced insurance costs. But as of this writing, the merge is still in progress, so there may be some hiccups for some users.

Esurance Mobile

The mobile app for Esurance Insurance is gradually getting better. However, it is capable of the bare necessities. The app also allows you to check your paperwork and pay payments. Besides being able to quickly examine your policy details and access roadside help, it also provides a number of other features.

In addition to submitting a claim, you may change your payment information and even attach images to support your case. Many users have reported experiencing issues with the app in the past. Of course, there are still some bugs to be fixed. It’s still a promising car insurance app.

Geico Mobile

If you’re looking for a car insurance app that doesn’t go overboard, consider Geico Mobile. You have the rudimentary skills necessary to get by. You can do things like update your policy, examine your papers, and pay your premium online. If you need to make major changes to your policy, though, you should call and speak to an agent in person.

There’s a live chat feature for questions, as well as claim filing and roadside assistance. The functionality of the app is excellent. In addition to being user-friendly, it also features a sleek Material Design. A few minor glitches exist, but nothing major.


There are pros and cons to using the Progressive app. Despite this, it’s still a reliable car insurance app. You can do the standard things like pay your premium, make changes to your policy, and view documentation online. It also serves as a portal via which you may oversee your other Progressive Insurance policies, such as renters insurance.

It also features the ability to contact customer support and call for roadside assistance. The app offers the bare minimum in terms of car insurance features. Depending on your perspective, that could be a good or negative thing.


TikTok is a sort of social media that shares content in the form of short video clips. A place where you can build videos with various filters and use popular tunes in as little as 15 seconds. In addition, you have the option of sharing the video you’ve generated through other applications, such as Twitter or Instagram.

State Farm

This app from State Farm, Pocket Agent, looks great on a smartphone. It makes excellent use of Material Design. It, like most others, focuses on the fundamentals. That covers things like making a payment, filing a claim, reviewing your paperwork, getting emergency roadside assistance, and more. After little practice, using the app should be straightforward.

You may also manage your own auto, homeowner’s, renter’s, and condo owner’s insurance. In fact, they’ve begun dabbling in the banking industry. There are features within this app for doing just that, such as checking and depositing checks. It’s not what you’d expect, but it’s packed with useful features all the same. It’s a little cumbersome to carry around all of that equipment, but it’s useful to have when you need it.

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